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Bopha Mom-Baccam - Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Not everyone can be blessed with lips like Angelina Jolie (I know, we're upset about it too). But luckily, faking bigger lips can be super easy, so there is hope for those of us who desire larger lips without resorting to injections or other lip-plumping products! Today we'll teach you two different ways to fake your way to bigger lips and let you decide which way works best (if you can...)! 

Technique Number One: Fake your way with lip liner
All you will need for this look are matching lip liner and lipstick, so let's get started!

Begin by taking your desired lip liner and lining your lips over your natural shape. 

Next, start to line your lips again but this time, line a little bit above the line you just created, or in other words, double the thickness of the current lip line. Keep in mind that drawing one line, then going back in to double it, will create a better shape than just drawing one thicker line around your lips from the start. Doing a double line technique allows you to have more control over the line you are drawing and will create a better lip shape overall. 

Now, you can continue to build with lip liner until you are happy with how big each lip is, just take it slow and use gradual lines to build so that you don't end up with clown lips!

Finish off by filling in the entire lip with your lipstick and you're done! But wait, there's more...

Technique Number Two: 3-D fake out
This look requires you to have two complementary lipstick colors (one lighter, one darker) in order to achieve a 3-D lip. It also works better if you are using a liquid lipstick, since you will be blending the two colors together. So choose two fab colors and we'll get to work!

Start off by lining your natural lip shape with a lip liner that matches the darker liquid lipstick you will be using. You can then go back and do the "double line" technique described earlier for even more va-va-voom! or continue on to the next step. 

After you've achieved your desired lip liner look, fill in the outer corners of your lips with your lip liner. This will help make lips look fuller for the 3-D effect you want. 

Now we'll begin to apply color. We're using Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks, Pure Hollywood (darker color), and Milkshake (lighter color). Fill in the outer corners of your lips with the darker lipstick color using the lipstick wand. Apply the darker color to the outer 1/3 of your lips only to leave the middle empty for the lighter color. 

Next, apply the lighter color to the middle of your lips using the lipstick wand. When applying the lighter color, make sure and stop right before you run into the darker color you already applied so that you have room to blend the two together. 

With both colors applied, you'll begin to blend the two together. To easily blend the colors, use a lip brush (not one of the lipstick wands) and very slightly begin to blend the two colors together using slow, small motions. Be sure to blend from the darker color into the lighter color, not the other way around. Continue blending until you are satisfied with how your lips look!

Finally, use concealer to finish off your look. Take a lip brush and apply concealer just outside your lipstick line to get a nice, crisp line, and to fix any mistakes you may have made. Make sure, however, that your concealer is not too light and that it matches the rest of your skin so you don't get a white "halo" around your lips!

And there you have it! Two foolproof ways to get those luscious lips you've always dreamed of without resorting to injections or other expensive products. So try one method, try both, or combine the two to find the best technique that gives you the results you want!

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